It all started with a wander along the Seine River in Paris one Spring…

One of the most romantic places on the planet is Paris, especially at night with the Louvre as a back drop and the lights of Notre Dame sparkling in the tide.

It’s here that dreams are made—and sometimes get made into books. Meandering Trail Media’s PJ Adams began to compile images and impressions and, with lead photographer John Birkhead, began to offer a series of travel insights and images online and in print.

Intoxicating Paris: Uncorking the Parisian Within is PJ's quirky journey through the byways, kitchens, shops, cafés, closets, boudoirs, and creative heart of Paris. The book takes readers through the ancient streets of Paris that inspired Hemingway, Hugo, and Rodin.

Readers peek inside some of the most sumptuous dining and culinary venues in Paris, from tony La Tour d’Argent to lowly street crepe vendors. The wonderful world of French wines and champagne adds a drop of sparkle—and is a harbinger for future wine and culinary book adventures to come.

      Readers also learn the sources of the French woman’s allure—how she lives her life, conducts her relationships, and rears her children as well as examine the French man’s potent ability to seduce. This book is for style lovers, foodies, creatives, and anyone who simply loves Paris.